When we apply for admission to universities, we prepare a wide variety of documents that we send to universities such as SOP, LOR, and financial documents. In this article, we will talk about the letter of recommendation (LOR) that recommends a student, and an employee.

Students who’re planning to study abroad require a letter of recommendation. They need at least two to three letters of recommendation from either their college or employer based on the application requirements.

What is LOR?

The LOR is a document that provides a comprehensive insight into the applicant’s candidature for admission to the university. Letters of Recommendation are an essential part of the application package that applicants submit to the university along with SOP and other required documents. This document is prepared by the teacher/Professor or it can be prepared by the employers and given to their employees.

Types of LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

Letter of Recommendations broadly classified into two categories;

  • Academic Reference Letter

The academic LOR is provided by the teacher or professor of your institute where you have studied. In the academic LOR, your teachers and professors write about you that distinguishes you from the other applicants. This document showcase the positives and most impactful information about the students which helps them to secure admission in the universities.

  • Employer Reference Letter

If applicants have work experience then they have to submit employer reference letters to support their visa application. To obtain this letter they have to connect with their employer, this letter must be on the company letterhead and must include the below details;.

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Applicant name
  • Designation
  • Employee ID
  • Working hrs.
  • Your job duties
  • Your Manager’s name and phone no. (In case for verification)

How to write a LOR?

Writing an academic LOR is a critically important task. Below are a few guidelines and points to be kept in mind while writing a letter of recommendation. You must ensure it contains the following information;

  • Your recommendation letter must be in the range of 400 to 500 words.
  • Your recommendation letter must be on university or employer official letterhead.
  • Make sure you notify the person in advance so that he/she would be ready to provide a good response through a letter of recommendation.
  • The person who is giving the recommendation must be working in the same institute or company from where you’re obtaining your recommendation letter.
  • The letter should mention how long have your recommender known you and in what capacity they have monitored your performance.
  • Your recommendation letter must show your accomplishments and how you have achieved.
  • You must be careful while selecting your recommender, You should always choose someone who has the authority and designation, which would add weightage to the letter.
  • Your letter of recommendation (LOR) must be detailed and elaborate on your qualities and achievements.

These are some of the important guidelines that you have to be aware of. The letter of recommendation (LOR) plays a critical role in getting admission to foreign universities, as this letter provides credibility and support to your profile.

We hope this article helps you in clearing all the doubts about the letter of recommendation and takes you a step closer to your dream of studying and settling abroad.

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