Reference Letter

If you’re planning to apply for a student visa or want to settle abroad as a permanent resident or skilled worker then you must have your academic and employer reference letter ready. However, If you’re a working professional then it’s mandatory to show an employer reference letter along with visa application.

An employer reference letter is a mandatory document that students and applicants need to show when applying for a Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Work Visa, and Permanent Residency Visa.

If you’re unable to obtain a reference letter from the employer then collect as many documents as you can to support your claim of your employment with the company.

The majority of people know about the reference letter. However, many applicants still don’t know about it and for those applicants, we have written this article which will help them to prepare this document so that they can submit it along with their visa application.

Employment reference letter looks like:

This is the actual reference letter given by the employer. we have edited this letter as the applicant is still working with this company and due to compliance, we have deleted company name and address.

This is the document that you need to submit after getting nomination or ITA. This reference letter must include:

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Applicant name
  • Designation
  • Employee ID
  • Working hrs
  • Your job duties
  • Your Manager’s name and phone no. (In case for verification)

This letter must be printed on the company’s letterheads, else the visa counselor will not consider this reference letter.

Now, If your employer denied to provide you the reference letter or you’re unable to obtain this letter, then you have an option to draft an affidavit that has to be notarized.

Below snapshot will help you to get some idea about the affidavit.

You can prepare your affidavit as per your work experience, also do not forget to mention the name of your Supervisor/ Manager or your Senior colleague who is signing it for you.

We’ll highly recommend you to connect with your employer to get your experience letter. We can write this with our experience that most of the employers never denied providing a reference letter.

However, If you’re unable to obtain a reference letter from your employer, then you have to provide the reason why you can not obtain a work experience letter from your employer. If you have an email that you have sent to your employer about your experience letter, you can add that email to support your claim of why you’re unable to get your letter.

If you are unable to obtain this letter from your employer, then you must submit:

  • Employment Offer letter
  • Contract letter
  • Performance review
  • Salary Slip
  • Bank statements showing deposits of salary
  • Income Tax proof
  • Reference letter from Supervisor/Manager/ or colleague
  • Your company ID Card
  • Your photographs in company premises (If required/ or asked)
  • Email communication with the employer for a reference letter

We hope this article will help you in clearing all the doubts about the reference letter and takes you a step closer to your dream of studying and settling abroad.

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