Canada NOC List

Canada NOC List: If you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Immigrant then your work experience/occupation must be listed in the Canada NOC list as skill type/level 0, A, or B. Canada uses the National Occupational classification to determine jobs category/ or level.

Canada NOC list consists of five groups that determine the job level as follows:

Skill Type 0 (Zero)

These are Management Jobs such as Corporate Manager, Restaurant Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Advertising Manager.

Skill Level A

This job level is for professionals jobs that are required degrees from universities such as Doctors, Architects, Accountants, Investment Dealers.

Skill Level B

This skill level is for technical jobs which are required a trades certificate, diploma, or apprentice such as Plumbers, Chefs, Electricians, Library Supervisors.

Skill Level C

These are intermediate jobs which are required high school / or job-specific training such as Truck drivers, Data Entry clerks, and Receptionists.

Skill Level D

These are labor jobs which are required for job training such as Cleaning staff, Service station attendants, and Janitors.

Note: If you are planning to come to Canada as a Skilled Immigrant through express entry, then your experience must be from Skill type 0, A, or B.

To check your occupation in the Canada NOC list, click here. You just need to type your job title to check your eligibility under the Skilled Immigration stream.

You can also apply under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot category where your experience must be with Skill type/level 0, A, B, or C.

In case you have experience in Skill level C or D then you may be eligible to come to Canada through the PNP program (Provincial Nomination).

Important: In case you don’t find your job title/ or code in the Canada NOC list, then you can find the closest match in the list that shows the main duties you are performing in the past or at your existing employer.

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