Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP is considered one of the best pathways for skilled foreign workers and skilled workers in Manitoba. This program invites more than 15000 immigrants each year and planning to increase the number of intakes as the Government of Manitoba projects a labor shortage of over 20,000 skilled workers by 2020.

This program has four streams you can choose from to take your first step towards gaining permanent residency status in Canada.In this PNP program selected candidates get the invitation to apply (ITA) which makes them eligible to apply for permanent residency to live and work in Canada.

This is one of the best-suited nomination programs for skilled workers, tradesmen, and professionals. The best part of this program is, 85% of immigrants who immigrated to Manitoba started their first job within three months of landing in the province. 

What are the benefits of the Provincial Nomination Program?

Provincial Nomination Programs are the best pathway to immigrate to Canada as there are several benefits of applying through the PNP program. We are listing below some of the key benefits of applying through these programs:

  • Increase CRS score: One of the best benefits of the PNP program is it makes you eligible to get 600 additional points. These 600 points can be life-changing for you to decide your success in getting an ITA to apply for permanent residency.
  • Less CLB requirement: Some provincial program doesn’t require high language score to qualify for the program. You can apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) with a band score as low as 4.5 only.
  • Low points requirements: Another benefit of applying through the PNP program is their low points requirement in comparison to the Express Entry stream.
  • Processing time: If you apply your application through provincial nomination then it’s most likely you’ll get your PR approval sooner than express entry stream.

Types of categories under Manitoba PNP

As we have mentioned in the beginning that Manitoba PNP has four streams you can apply from, so in this section, we’ll cover the type of categories which will help you to decide the best option to apply for provincial nomination.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is designed to help Manitoba employer to meet the workforce demand. This program is for you if you are experienced professionals who have the required skills as per current demand in the labor market.

There are four streams in the program:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • International Education Stream
  • Business Investor Stream

Skilled Workers in Manitoba

This program is locally driven by the Government of Manitoba to help Manitoba employers to meet the workforce demand. This program targets internationally trained and experienced workers who have the skills needed in the local labor market.

This stream nominates applicants who have strong ties and connections in Manitoba through ongoing employment, education, and previous work experience. 

To apply for this stream, you must have a full-time long-term job offer in which you have completed at least six months of full-time employment as a temporary foreign worker or international student working graduate.

International students from other provinces can also apply for Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream, though they first need to have a full-time job which was offered by Manitoba employer and you’re working for that employer for at least one year.

Skilled Workers Overseas

This MPNP Skilled Workers Program is locally driven by the Government of Manitoba to help Manitoba employers to meet the workforce demand. This program targets foreign workers who have the right skills and experience needed in the local labor market to apply to work and live in the province.

To qualify for this program, you must demonstrate that you have established a connection to Manitoba either you have the support of family members or friends, or through previous education or work experience in the province, or through an invitation to apply.

Establish Connection

Your supporter can be a friend or relative who is willing to endorse your plan for settling and finding employment in Manitoba. Your supporter must be a close relative or friend, and must be:

  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • able to demonstrate close ties with you
  • able to support your settlement plan in the province
  • able to prove that they reside and are established in Manitoba and have been living in the province for at least one year

Close Relative:

  • sister or brother
  • niece or nephew (ex: child of your sister or brother)
  • aunt or uncle (ex: brother or sister of your mother or father)
  • first cousin (ex: child of your aunt or uncle)
  • mother or father
  • grandmother or grandfather

Education or Work Experience

To qualify for this Manitoba PNP, stream you must have lived in the province as an international student or as a temporary worker. To get through successfully in this stream you must demonstrate that you have scored enough points for language, work experience, education, age, and other factors.

Education in Manitoba:

  • To prove you have studied in Manitoba, you must submit your study permit, your academic transcripts, and the certificate, diploma, or degree you received for completing the program.
  • As an international student, you attended and completed your education and training program at a private institution in Manitoba.

Employment in Manitoba:

  • In the past, you worked full-time for a Manitoba employer for six consecutive months.
  • Submit a copy of your work permit proving you worked in Manitoba.

Manitoba Invitation

To qualify for this stream, you must be a highly skilled professional who meets the requirement of the Government of Canada’s strategic recruitment initiative. If you are a qualified applicant as per their demand, then you have a good chance to get the invitation to Apply.


To qualify for the Manitoba Invitation stream, you must:

  • be a 21 to 45 year of age
  • have worked at least two years full-time in the past five years and can demonstrate your ability to find a job in Manitoba
  • have scored CLB 5 in each category and overall in English or French
  • have the intention to live and permanently settle in Manitoba

International Education Stream

This stream is for international students to explore the opportunities for business and research in Manitoba. You must have to attend the International Student Entrepreneur Pilot information session to express your interest in the province.

Interested candidates should email to register for an information session.

This stream is for those international students who have graduated in Manitoba and would like to pursue entrepreneurship rather than employment.

Once you have completed your research of Manitoba’s business environment and attended a mandatory ISEP information session you have to submit your business concept to the

Business Investor Stream

In the Business Investor Stream, there are two main categories to apply:

Entrepreneur Stream

This is the best pathway of Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream which attracts applicants who are planning to open a business in Manitoba and have enough capital to successfully operate and manage their business in the province.

In this stream, applicants need to determine whether they meet the minimum criteria of the Entrepreneur stream or not. If you’re one of those applicants who think that Manitoba is the best place and have all the resources to start the business, then you can send your Self- Assessment form and Business Concept form to

Once you have emailed all related forms to MPNP-BusinessStream@gov.mb.cayou will get a response from the government of Manitoba.

If your application is successful and you have been sent an invitation to apply then you will receive an email with instructions to be followed. You should submit all the required documents along with application fees within 120 days from the day you received the invitation to apply (Letter of advice to apply).

Farm Investor Stream

This stream is for those applicants who are planning to operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba. In this stream, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program invites only suitable applicants to apply who are ready for long-term contribution to the province and have enough farming experience.


To qualify for this stream, you must:

  • have a minimum of three years of experience in managing your farm operation with farm ownership
  • demonstrate adaptability, specifically relating to practical farming skills, technical knowledge, and experience in technological based farming practices
  • have a minimum net worth of CAD 500,000
  • conduct a visit to Manitoba for research in farming
  • attend an interview upon request of an MPNP officer in either English or French.

Important: If your job is classified as lower-skilled (NOC C or D) you must submit valid results of an approved language test demonstrating official language proficiency at CLB 4 (NCLC 4, French) or higher in all test categories.

To get the invitation from the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program, you must score at least 60 points based on 5 factors (Age + Language + Education + Work Experience + Adaptability).

Language testing organizations

Applicant’s language test must be from one of the following language testing organization:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Test d’évaluation de français pour le Canada (TEF Canada) to test proficiency in French
  • Test de Connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada) to test proficiency in French

Application Cost

Below are the Government fees which are in CAD (Canadian Dollars) and based on one person in the application. These fees will vary depending on the number of applicants applying or included in the application.    

  • Skilled Worker Application: $500
  • International Education Stream: $2,500
  • Business Investor Stream: $2,500
  • Permanent Residence Fee: $550
  • Right of Permanent residence fee: $490

Note: Getting a nomination from any Provincial program plays a crucial role in the success of your permanent residency application as it will increase your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score by 600 points which is more than enough to get the invitation to apply for residency status in Canada.

We hope this article will help you to know about Manitoba PNP and takes you a step closer to your dream of working and settling in Canada.

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