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Vinod Sharma

Founder, Blogimmi.com

Company Overview

There are many ways to start your immigration journey that connect you with your preferred destinations around the world, but we understand that navigating that route can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

Once you decide to travel abroad, figuring out the next step can be a bit of a head-scratcher. You’ve selected your destination country and even have knowledge about its visa guidelines, but aren’t sure if you have the time to learn all the intricacies of the application procedure. We’re here to help!

We’re excited to launch Blogimmi, our new customer support service that provides hands-on assistance from professional consultants who are here to help with your visa application for travel abroad.

We, at Blogimmi are trying to let the consulting culture in India reintroduce itself to the world. We’re trying to redefine the approach towards visa consulting vertical by making it easier for applicants to apply their visa without any hassle with no ugly surprises!

How Blogimmi Helps You

Blogimmi is a new service offered by dedicated professionals to help customers navigate the complex bureaucratic websites and visa application procedures of foreign destinations. Our Blogimmi professionals are here to help with every single step of your visa processing journey. We’ve endless opportunities to serve and assist our clients and our Blogimmi agents are here to work with them so that they can start their visa application journey without any hassle.

We offer customize packages that can help you with whatever visa you’re applying for. Our package features from one-time consulting to professional advice on immigration, assistance in document preparation, help to fill & track application. Our package also includes on-demand call and chats support. This package is suitable for those clients who’re looking for a study permit and work permit. Lastly, if you’re seeking a residency visa (permanent residency) with on-demand phone support and more, then our customize offerings are the perfect companion for your abroad journey.

Our visa experts can guide you at any level whether you’re just getting started with your visa application or you’re in the mid of your application and stuck with the complex procedure and need assistance to get through with the process. Blogimmi professionals can also walk you through an essential part of visa applications so that you can have full control and the ability to check the progress/outcome of your visa application. There is no task that is too big or small for our professionals to handle!

How Do Customers Access it?

Whether you’re applying for a visitor visa, study permit, work permit, or permanent residency visa, Blogimmi, is the next step in your visa processing journey. Once you have selected the visa category, our experts are ready to help you.

We’ve a list of services that clients can select from OUR CUSTOMIZED SERVICES section on the home page. They can also book an appointment with us based on next available slot.

Clients who are planning to apply for their visa application can call our support team at +91-9717145886 and inquire about the best Blogimmi package for their abroad journey. Blogimmi provides the services you need while giving you the option to choose what package is best for your requirements.

Our Blogimmi experts are here to save you time and money. Start your journey using honest and trusted service providers. You can find our contact information here. Our Blogimmi experts are standing by and ready to support you. 

We always believe there is a better way to help people who’re planning to study, work, and settle abroad. To help these applicants, rather than using old form of consulting, we’ve built customized offerings to empower applicants so that they be better with their application process and have less dependency on consultants. Our customized offerings help applicants save time and money with no ugly surprises”.

Why choose us

Your Reliable Partners

We bring industries best professionals who believe in transforming communities by helping individuals.

Get your Visa Approved

All documents are reviewed by a team of immigration experts before filing visa application to get the best results.

Speed and Simplicity

Easy and friendly application process. Usually, 100% online that helps to process visa application faster. 

Awesome Customer Support

Our team of immigration experts is ready to help you with your queries and will be available on call or chat.

Data Privacy and Security

We appreciate your trust with Blogimmi. Hence, your personal info will never be exposed to any third party.

Best Quality Assurance

Our aim is to focus on providing the best professional services to our clients to build a community of individuals.

Are you planning to travel abroad? We’re here to help.

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