If you’re planning to apply for a student visa or want to settle abroad as a permanent resident or skilled worker then you must have your academic transcript ready. To apply for a student visa and skill assessment, you will be required a transcript of your marks to clear your educational assessment.

We know many of you are aware of transcripts but still, many applicants don’t know about it, so we thought it will be a good idea if we cover this topic to help applicants who don’t know about it and can get some idea about the transcript.

What is the Academic Transcript?

The Academic Transcript is a copy of your marks which covers your score of UG/PG in a sealed envelope which states that the score is verified from the university and is authenticated.

Let say you have completed a 3-year degree from a college / or university then, the transcript must have all three years marks listed which you have obtained throughout your three-year college education.

How to obtain an Academic Transcript?

If you need a transcript of your marks then you should connect with your university and not college. These transcripts are usually prepared and sent by the universities registrar.

For a transcript, you can go in person to the university or you can ask someone to apply on your behalf if you are unable to visit the university.

You have to provide the required documents to the concerned person who will be visiting the university on your behalf.

Note: Transcript must be on the official letterhead of the university and sealed in an envelope. This envelope must be stamped and signed by the registrar of the university.


Universities charge some amount for issuing transcripts. This price can be between $10 to $30. In India, universities charge from 500 INR to 1000 INR.

The front side of the envelope

Ensure that this envelope is sealed by the university

On the front side of the envelope, there should be a recipient address where the transcript needs to send. However, most of the time these transcripts directly send by universities to assessment authorities as per assessment guidelines.

Important: In the case of the WES assessment, please ensure that you have mentioned the WES reference number on the envelope. Without a reference number, WES will not accept/ or process your application.

We hope this article will help you in clearing all the doubts about the transcript and takes you a step closer to your dream of studying and settling abroad.

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