No Hidden Fees

Blogimmi ensures every client that there is no hidden Fee in our services and focuses on transparency which enables us to create trust with our clients.  Also if you’re not completely satisfied with any of our services and support, we will reduce or eliminate the charge for you.

We’re the only visa service provider in the vertical offer this guarantee. We don’t want you to lose your money just for the sake of your visa approval. We have a guaranteed refund policy in place for our clients which ensures that if we’re unable to deliver as per our client’s expectation they have full right to claim their money back.

There are several cases reported everywhere in the market where people have been cheated with their money, though we have made it easier to understand by creating our “No Hidden Fee Guarantee” package plans, that means they get all the necessary details up-front so that they won’t get any last-minute surprise.

Blogimmi ensures you that there is no hidden fee in our services, the price we give you over the phone or you see on this site will be the price that you will pay. Apart from that once you have decided that you are comfortable with our assessment, we’ll give you the complete breakdown of government fee and the assessment fee, based on the visa application ex- PR residency, student visa if required which you can pay directly pay to the assessing bodies or government authorities.

Thank you!

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