Moving to Canada from the USA

Over the past couple of years, there has been a high number of American citizens who have moved to Canada from the USA for better prospects.

If you’re an American Citizen and planning to immigrate to Canada, then in this article we’ll walk you through some of the best immigration programs that you can consider before your move to Canada.

Below are some of the best immigration program to move to Canada from the USA:

1. Express Entry

As an American citizen if you’re planning to move to Canada as a permanent resident then you can choose Express Entry to become a permanent resident of Canada.

This is one of the most popular visa streams among skilled professionals who want to settle in Canada permanently. This stream allows you and your immediate family member’s indefinite stay, or permanent stay in Canada.

How does it work?

Express Entry is an online visa pool that manages the application of skilled professionals from all over the world. Every year IRCC picked skilled professionals from this pool who have a high CRS score.

Every month IRCC conducts draws and invites skilled professionals who have the right skills as per the Canadian job market and are ready to contribute to Canada’s economy.

There are three immigration programs under Express Entry and each program has different requirements to nominate applicants.

In the Express Entry program, your invitation depends on how well your CRS scores are. The better your CRS scores are the better your chances will be to get an invitation to apply.

If you’re moving to Canada from the USA, then you can check your eligibility here and make your selections.

2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

To move to Canada from the USA, you can consider the provincial nomination program to settle in Canada as a permanent resident. Provincial Nominee Program is also for skilled professionals who want to settle in Canada permanently in a specific province or territory.

The best part for the PNP stream is, you can be invited with low CRS scores that can range between 340 to 400. Each province and territory has its PNP program and requirements. To qualify for this program you must be nominated from the chosen province or territory in the application form.

How does it work?

Provincial Nomination Program depends on which PNP stream you’re applying to. There are paper-based application process and an Online process. To get the invitation from a province or territory, you must meet the eligibility requirement of the province that nominates you.

There are two ways to get an invite as we have mentioned above.

Paper Based

In this process, you have to contact the province and territory and apply for your nomination. Once you’re nominated, you have to submit a paper-based application for your permanent residency.

Online Process

This process is interlinked with the Express Entry stream. In this process, you may directly contact the province or territory for PNP nomination, or under your Express Entry profile, you can mention the provinces and territories you’re interested in.

You can choose any of the Provincial Nomination Program from the below list of provinces and territories in Canada.


You can move to Canada from the USA based on the new regulation passed between two countries that is United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. This (USMCA) has replaced the older NAFTA agreement and aims to reduce the trade barriers between all three countries.

Below are the ways you can obtain a work permit using this agreement:

a) Professionals

Under this category, there is a list of professionals (including accountants, architects, animal scientists, biologists, dairy scientists, economists, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and scientists) who can travel and work in Canada without an LMIA certificate.

b) Intra-Company Transfers

Under Intra-Company Transfer, you may move to Canada If:

  • you are working continuously for at least one year from the last three year with an American company;
  • you are a manager or executive professional in the company;
  • the company has a business in the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

c) Trade and Investor

This category is for those applicants who are involved in Trading and investing. If you want to move to Canada from the USA or Mexica then you can be an eligible applicant under this category by investing in Canadian business.

These are some of the best programs for applicants who’re planning to move to Canada from the USA. At Blogimmi, we help applicants to travel, study, and settle abroad by connecting them to their preferred destinations. We eliminate the frustration with complex application procedures by streamlining the process with our fully online on-demand consulting.

Our advisors are ready to answer your queries 24/7. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us by email or phone call.

Thank you!

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